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Rocket Recycling has Ceased Trading 21/01/2014


Please contact your supplier directly or seek alternative service, for an explanation please read on. Please cancel all direct debits, standing orders or any other payments. Especially standing orders as we have no control over them this end.


Rocket Recycling was formed in late 2009 and was planned and formulated throughout 2010, by its two young directors who genuinely had a dream of doing things differently. We really got going in early 2011 when a sales representative was added and started winning a serious amount of custom by re-organising how our customers waste was collected and making sure they were not paying general waste prices for the recycling they were disposing of. It was all built up on the smallest of budgets with loans and grants from the Welsh Assembly and the Princes Trust as the Directors had little funds or assets to get started. The business was at first run from the living room of one of the director’s homes and later the same director converted his garage in to an office for Rocket to be housed in. It was shoe string stuff but the business was growing, even if it couldn't support an income for the directors just yet they were happy to spend 18 hour days working from the garage while they built the company from scratch, literally in case of the office conversion.


By Spring 2012 the company had grown further but Rocket still couldn't support the Directors but a new service was added, the Directors worked the days in the office but purchased a caged tipper and started performing garage/house clearances in the evening. The extra funds were used to grow Rocket further with the Directors still taking only expenses. In summer 2012 Rocket moved out of the garage to a new site with office and yard in Caerphilly. Both services were growing steadily and we were predicting for Rocket to have a steady base for good profit running in to 2013.


On the 7th of December 2012 our main wheelie bin supplier (Atlantic Recycling) gave us less than one months’ notice, that they were pulling out of the wheelie bin market over the Christmas period and would stop servicing on January 1st 2013, (This later came to light as a probable reason for that). Atlantic sold their entire bin stock to Biffa and Biffa agreed to service all of their sites, of course our deal was separate to this but at such short notice we had no choice but to also allow Biffa to service our sites as no other firm could have come up with that many bins over the Christmas period.


Towards the end of Atlantic's service, their service levels determinate and we were forced to send out our small tipper to clear sites by hand, both directors along with staff we had provided by the Welsh Assembly manually handled the waste not to leave our customers without service. As those of you affected will attest, when Biffa took over things did not improve and we had to continue in this vein well in to February 2013. This period was devastating for us as not only did we lose custom, have to pay the fuel & tipping, while discounting customers. So our income dropped at the same time our expenses increased. As hard as this was we are proud to say we did the right thing and at our own cost and expense did everything we could, all hands on deck to see our customers right when all they could see was poor service we were up to our knees in rubbish.


Things settled down towards the end of February but in March we had a split in the management and one of the directors left to start up on his own just offering the house clearance service, he took the truck as his severance.


Having lost income from both the wheelie bin and tipper services we started to promote the skip brokerage side of the business more and invested a lot of time and effort in marketing that to a wider area through the use of the web. This worked very well and made up for the shortfall until the autumn when we started to see a decline to the existing web presence due to the change in weather. The new web promotions had not yet bed in sufficient but were showing green shoots were showing as we were making sales from many new areas of the UK but not enough to make up for the new shortfall. At this point we also had an act of fraud on our company bank account and the account was locked for 2 weeks severely hampering trade.


At this point shed staff and we sought funding and eventually sold and leased back all assets, including all websites. To try to meet the shortfall. We did start to fall behind with our bills but rationalised that this should be easy to make back even without growth when we ran back in to season. We borrowed more money to see us through a devastating December, knowing that even a slow January should be enough for us to not fall further behind, even catch-up a little. January hasn't been sufficient and we feel it would be irresponsible to trade on. 


We apologise to all suppliers who allowed us a little more time to see if we could collect the money in and customers caught out by all of this especially the good payers who did nothing to cause the problem but we cease trading with no assets and with a negative value in our company overdraft. We can't even afford to enter voluntary liquidation and invite any creditor to initiate that.


The directors have never taken any wages above the level that anyone reading this would call a pittance and will not be leaving the company with anything